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SCS Equipment

SCS equipment is wide range of components and devices, that are used for cabling, and provides normal and adversarial work for all intellectual systems based on this cabling structure.

This is why the qualified help of high professional system integrators is needed to arrange specification and perform the commissioning for the SCS.

Our high qualified and experienced experts will be happy to select and install SCS equipment completely according to your tasks and budget. We guarantee the best match to your requests and high quality of work, and also everything comes at affordable prices!

Select of SCS equipment for main purposes of Cabling systems

So selection of SCS equipment is determined for it could work as long as possible. For the process could go this way, it is necessary that equipment must match the highest world standards. Moreover, it is worth while paying attention on reputation of manufacturers and suppliers. And also all components must be connected correctly to give you the perfect combination, even inside the single network of any institution.

Test equipment for SCS networks

To test quality of SCS installation, and settings of equipment, the high accurate devices are needed. To test and validate for 5t, 6 and 7 categories we use state of the art cable testing device Fluke Networks DTX 1800.

Passive and active SCS equipment

Generally SCS equipment can be divided into 2 categories active devices and passive devices. Active devices have some “intellectual” components. Mainly active devices are routers, servers, communicators etc. Another distinctive feature of active devices is they need power to works, so for continuous functioning it is needed to have UPS (Uniterrupted power supply). And passive devices do not require power and works as signal transmission. Mainly passive devices are patch bays, cable channels, cables connectors, wall mount connectors etc.

To make a design of the systems our experts uses SCS equipment by the world famous manufacturers Cisco, Allied Telesis, HP, and many others.

Patch-bays and control cabinets, data-center, Wireless network equipment Wi-Fi.

For our customers could understand well what they will need to design the perfect network, before building the infrastructure, let’s see each position in details:

  • cable of 5e, and 6 categories
  • patch cord
  • patch bay
  • switch racks
  • wall mount connectors
  • service packs
  • switches
  • organizers
  • routers

Cable 5e 6 (shielded is called FTP, unshielded – UTP), is twisted pair of isolated copper wires, that presents balanced cable for data transmission

Patch-cord is low power cable with shielded connectors

Cross panel, or Patch bay has female connectors on the front and on the rear panel, and it is needed to arrange different connections.

Switch rack – basically is metal cabinet with special mounting elements, where all active and passive devices can be placed to ease connections and maintenance.

Connectors RJ-45 – is necessary to connect networking devices, in modern and reliable manner.

Service packs – Basically is metal column used to place male/female connectors that are necessary for workplaces that are located away from the walls.

Switch ( or hub, switch, splitter) – is the device that distributes network to clients, splits or combines signals. Used to combine and transmit several flows via single cable. Hub can be referred to as active device.

Organizer – mounting frame that makes it easier to perform mount and maintenance procedures. Used to place cable channels and combine several cable channels in required order.

Router – Transmits data between segments of SCS, according to the network topology and priorities arranged by network administrator. It uses IP-address of client, and routes are placed into the special table.

SCS equipment, selected by our experts and creating of SCS that based on the reliable and hi-speed cable structure is perfect base for successful business of any kind.


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