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Assembly of electrical panels and cabinets

Any object that is powered by electricity, requires the presence of electrical switchboards. In electrical panels installed elements of automatic control and power circuits off.

Electrical cabinet is a local (global) node controlling electricity at a particular facility. It contains:

  • circuit breakers;
  • differential circuit breakers;
  • different purpose power relays;
  • Bus terminal;
  • Bus vanishing;
  • Other specialized automation components.

We produce mass production and assembly on the model and individual schemes customers a wide range of electrical panels of medium and low voltage. The factory produces are:

  • Main Distribution Frame (MDF)
  • Lead-in distributors (BA, BP, EP, GRP, BPA, PA, PR, PA);
  • Cabinets, automatic transfer switches (ATS);
  • lighting panels (SCHO);
  • Switchboard (nip);
  • Cabinets account of electric energy;
  • Distributive elements (PR 11);
  • Control boxes;
  • Boxes with step-down transformer;
  • Mobile switchboards;
  • Jumpers;
  • Tires.
  • Assembly of electrical cabinets

Assembly of electrical cabinets made in our company in a specially equipped room. Accuracy and precision manufacturing cabinets by our staff, enables us to meet the high requirements of the end to the products.

You will be satisfied with the result of our work. The reliability of our cabinets allows you to feel confident in dealing with electric.


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