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Fiber Optic Lines Installation

Installation of Fiber Optic Lines (FOL) is quite difficult process, it may not be passed to the unqualified people. Although laying FOL is quite similar to laying ordinary cables, laying FOL under ground or on the frames requires correct selection of optic cable, careful handling and the most important – high qualified experienced personnel. Installation procedures, like welding is performed by use of special technologies and expensive equipment.

Our company has all the necessary resources to provide installation of FOL according to the world standards and in timely manner. Our engineers are high qualified and experienced in work with FOL. And it is to be noted that our approach to pricing is more then interesting.

Installation of FOL in Moscow and Moscow region is season process, since cold winter increase risk of cable damage. This is why during design special attention must be attracted to schedule of installation.

General ways of laying and mounting of FOL

So Mounting of FOL starts from the design. FOL design allows to detect possible issues, optimize FOL lines, calculate pricing, and according to possible changes in customer needs eliminate additional expenses for FOL mounting. Thus perfectly made design leads to significant money save. At the same time perfectly made design provides possible future growth, like modernization, software update, adding workplaces etc…

Ways of FOL mounting can be described as two categories: outdoors mounting and indoor mounting. Also there are two technologies of laying cables:

Open laying: between the power posts in case of outdoor mounting or on ceiling and under floor in case of indoor mounting.

Closed laying: directly underground, or in sewers on the special frames.

Also it must be noted that fiber optic cable is quite sensitive to mechanical damage and bending, and careful handling is required during the laying process. And special attention should be paid to welding. Only super-precise and high qualified personnel would be authorized to do this job.

Fiber welding and its influence on mounting quality of the entire system

Fiber welding gets much easier and more reliable if high quality professional equipment is used. Professional devices helps to perform welding with high accuracy. In FlyLink company, we use last generation Fujikura Arc Fusion Splicer 60S. It brings new standard in quality, and performance, it is light wait and of reasonable size.

FSM – 60S is rugged, made for work under hardest conditions, waterproof, dust proof, operation temperature from -10°С to +50°С. Fujikura 60S can be used to weld any kind of fiber optics lines and outperforms its predecessor Fujikura FSM50S. This is why we honestly offer 15 years warranty on all kind of fiber optic lines welding.

In spite of apparent similarity in mounting technologies each design is unique, because every particular design has its own features like area, architectural features, amount of work places, amount and features of included sub—systems, type and performance of equipment etc… So there are no two equal designs, and professionals like us always consider any design as unique and never follows any project that already has been made.

FOL mounting is performed under world standards of cable network systems and according to safety terms. After completed FOL passes the commissioning test. At customers wish we are able to professionally certify network, and sign the warranty agreement for warranty and post-warranty maintenance.


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