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FOL Testing

FOL testing is important stage in Fiber optic network building, that connected to setting up FOL, that is performed upon completion of mounting process. FOL testing proves accordance to wide range of parameters and requirements, and guarantee its performance. One can not be sure at 100% in newly mounted FOL without testing, since issues can occur at the level of cables and network equipment as well. In this case, even correct settings will not provide correct performance of FOL.

Our company carry out the following FOL testing procedures:

  • Estimation of loss of signal and power of multimode and single mode FOL
  • Location of issue in cables, location of damaged connectors, location of polarity issues
  • Estimation of security level on the ends (ACR and ELFEXT)
  • Calculation of total security level (PS ACR and PS ELFEXT)
  • Qualification of cable length
  • Estimation of optic lines connection in boxes
  • Estimation of decay grade in cables

FOL measurements by Fluke Networks DTX1800 cable analyzer

Measurements is part of such important process like certification of FOL. Certification is documentary approval that fiber optic lines satisfy all existing standards. FOL measurements can be described as two categories: first estimates the total decay from source to receiving device by optic tester, but this kind allows only to ensure that line hasn’t been broken, but it can not help in location of breaks if exist. Second kind of FOL measurements is measuring lines by optics reflections meter, that marks start and end of line, and gives the tables of deviation, and puts the data of distances and deviation values, and decay. Optical reflection meters are quite miniature devices (some models can easily be put in pocket) and almost absolutely accurate, so they are widely used by fiber optic lines certification professionals.

To get official certificate of professional validation we offer testing by cable analyzer Fluke DTX1800. Complete set is DTX1800, with added optics reflection OTDR module, cable analyzer DTX1800, set of optics modules DTX MFM2 ( for use with multimode lines) and DTX SFM2 ( for use with single mode lines), Fiber (decay/length measurements) reflection meter DTX Compact OTDR module, and compensation coils. Fluke DTX1800 is state of the art in FOL measurements and represents reliable basis for FOL certification and SCS testing. Fluke DTX1800 is revolutionary platform that incredibly shorten time to detect issues, and time for entire certification procedure. Also due to modernization of all testing stages it reduces costs of this procedure.

Also 5 year warranty comes with all our services regarding testing FOL and SCS. We are confident in our personnel and we know everything regarding our business and this allows us to give such a long term warranties.


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