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Designing of WMS

WMS project is a mandatory preparatory step for the introduction of any system WMS. However, the design of warehouses does not start "from scratch", because the appropriate software package - is not all that is needed to automate the warehouse in the loop WMS. Before designing WMS to hold a series of preparatory works, such as:

  • A description of the current technological structure warehouse
  • analysis of the automation of warehouse processes
  • A comprehensive analysis of the state electricity and utilities
  • Analysis of IT- structure warehouse

WMS design stages in diversity "sub" system

It can be said that the first phase of design WMS takes effect at the very moment when, on the basis of the findings made ​​during the above mentioned works , the designers decide on the need to implement a program to produce the following range of WMS works ( some or all ) :

  • organizing power
  • installation of a wireless Wi-Fi network
  • improvement of telecommunications node
  • Creation of a server room air conditioning systems
  • Other Work

The second stage of the design is the creation of WMS, in fact, the project , which is adapted for each of the tasks of warehouse automation . The draft implementing WMS, on the basis of the above, one includes a number of "sub-projects" such as the LAN design, etc. Ideally, such a comprehensive approach has to act, and in relation to the third stage - the selection of the most appropriate equipment, which affects the cost of the system and WMS other constituents. After all, how would the coordinated interaction of equipment and components of all the subsystems depends on the accuracy and speed of automated warehouse management processes, as well as the efficiency of the warehouse as a whole.

But design is not limited to the selection of warehouse equipment for the WMS and its plan of arrangement. An important element of the project is the WMS selection and configuration software that meets all the requirements for warehouse management. It is very important to strike a reasonable "middle ground" on the one hand, cover with software all the issues facing the future of the system, and on the other - do not try to pick up a universal system "for all occasions". Indeed, experience shows that the number of different functions in the "advanced" systems can reach several hundred, but for a single warehouse truly useful is not more than half.

That's about all. You can create the appropriate documentation, and then to the plant itself WMS. The rich experience of our specialists at all stages of implementation of WMS, from the laying of local networks to configure the hardware, in combination with the integrated approach to the design of WMS will allow you to get their hands on a reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use Warehouse Management System.


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