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Cost of WMS

WMS value is determined by many components and is never "too low". But all the same price WMS - nothing compared to the economic benefits that you will receive by implementing WMS system. The figures are truly impressive. Thus, the use of a WMS-warehouse solutions will:

  • 25% reduction in the number of personnel
  • 15-25% reduction in administrative costs
  • almost halve the stockpile goods
  • 10-25% increase in storage capacity and efficiency of the use of storage space
  • and finally reduced to almost zero cost inventory

How does the price of the class WMS system?

And now, in fact, the cost of WMS. It is mainly determined by differences that exist within each of the classes of the system. So, WMS systems are divided into:

  • Entry Level
  • “box” system
  • configurable system
  • adaptable systems

For entry-level system having a minimum value of WMS can be attributed solutions, in which the emphasis is not on the process (acceptance of the goods, their sorting, accommodation, equipment, etc), and on the implementation of the document. Thus, the processes are not optimized and are not accelerated, and the structure as a whole is more of a user, rather than management. It is suitable, therefore, only a small storage space.

The system "in a box" is fully ready for use, but have a rather limited set of functionality that does not imply the possibility of its updates or supplements. To those include separate modules warehouse management, the only indisputable advantage which is perhaps the only low price. WMS similar type - not the best option for a large warehouse.

The principle of configurable systems also consists of choosing for each storage process certain "box" method of its implementation, but in this case, the possibilities are much greater than in the above-described closed" system . For example, using the configured system can generate their own rules of turnover. However, ordering a similar system , the developer must clearly explain your requirements and wishes, not to get a "pig in a poke", and even on the "broken telephone".

And finally, the most expensive adapted to change logic systems allow data processing operations and algorithms etc., without programming, ease suit their particular customer's business processes. And, to do so may not only developed the system, but the system administrator and staff of the Customer, which will significantly reduce the cost of operating the system. Important moment, despite the fact that serious WMS warehouse management system is unlikely to cost less than the sum of 500 thousand rubles, and this is without the necessary work and how to set up the equipment. WMS Professional installation and maintenance of any complexity - our specialty. By choosing "Flylink" You are guaranteed to get the best value for «WMS cost» - «WMS-quality".


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Complex security systems - CCTV installation (video surveillance) and access control systems will improve the efficiency of a warehouse, cottage, office shop and other sectors of business.

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