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WMS Warehouse Management System

WMS warehouse management system (short for the English expression Warehouse Management System) - is a complex of modern software tools, equipment and technology, to ensure full control, recording and analysis of warehouse operations by managing all warehouse cycle - from receipt of goods prior to shipment - in the mode real-time clock and with absolute accuracy.

WMS система управления складом

Principles and structure of the system WMS warehouse

WMS system consists of three components. The first is the visible part of the user , by means of which the input, alteration , deletion of data and receive reports on the selected parameters . The second component - the server - provides data storage and processing , and finally , the third component is a specialized data processing program.

During the implementation phase WMS warehouse management system requires a partition of the warehouse to the "technological areas". This is done in order to automate the reception, accommodation , storage and shipment of goods, thereby sorting out the work of staff at different sites. Then, in the WMS system introduced features warehouse, loading parameters and other warehouse equipment and rules for dealing with it. All incoming goods are marked with bar codes . On this basis, and made ​​subsequent storage operations under the control of WMS warehouse. Special radios input -output data and is equipped with all the material handling equipment and warehouse workers . Wireless terminals are portable computer connected to the main server over the air .

In addition , WMS warehouse management system "knows" how to distribute goods to the conditions of storage , for example, can be taken into account humidity , temperature , expiration dates and implementation , manufacturers , etc., and then automatically displayed on the terminal screen of the "job " - place a particular product in a particular place and in a certain way . The system does not forget about optimizing routes of forklifts and other warehouse equipment and warehouse employees perform tasks confirmed by scanning the bar code.

WMS warehouse - Effective management

WMS warehouse system allows, in particular :

  • Increase staff productivity Warehouse
  • accelerate recruitment order
  • minimize the processing time of warehouse operations and the number of errors
  • Reduce the number of personnel required
  • inventory control , schedule , storage conditions
  • to increase the automation of payments to customers, the speed, accuracy

As we can see , WMS warehouse management - the system is fully controlled by the personnel actions and almost completely excludes the possibility of erroneous or improper stowage of acquisition order. For convenience, the head of the system provides the ability to remotely monitor the process works in two-dimensional graphics mode. In addition, you may at any time be able to get a report on the results of work or the warehouse , designed in the form of an e-mail and printed on the printer.

Our company can help as quickly as possible and without undue financial investments to carry out optimization and increased efficiency of your warehouse logistics company , the introduction of WMS « from scratch ": pick up the necessary equipment to carry out installation of SCS, select and install software , etc. On the WMS Warehouse Management System you get a really "smart" storage space, and hence the greatest profit from the enterprise.


Cabling Systems.

Fiber Optic Lines.

Wireless Networks.

Powering and Lightning.

Security Systems.


Design and installation of SCS. SCS - professional building structured cabling systems. Corporate computer networks - the organization, laying, setting up, upgrading or repair.

Complex security systems - CCTV installation (video surveillance) and access control systems will improve the efficiency of a warehouse, cottage, office shop and other sectors of business.

WMS warehouse management system. Integrated WMS implementation of various infrastructures - access control, electric power, data centers, security systems, video surveillance, high-precision equipment ...

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