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Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting is switched off when the main task lighting. The most important technological and functional feature of this type of lighting is the fact that the emergency lighting fixtures are connected to the network, regardless of the total working light - that is, they are powered directly to the board substations are connected to a network or backup power source for autonomous power supply (generators or batteries). Emergency lighting is divided into two subtypes:

  • Security lighting;
  • Evacuation lighting.

Coverage includes a continuing security people at the facility, indoors or in a particular workplace. Emergency lighting designed for the evacuation of the premises during a power failure general lighting.

Quotes from the book of codes "Electric lighting"

Lights and illuminated signs evacuation lighting in industrial buildings with natural daylight and in public and private buildings shall be connected to a network not connected to the network working lights, from the shield substation (distribution point lighting), or if there is only one entry, from opening the dispenser.

6.1.23. Powering of lamps and light indexes evacuation lighting in industrial buildings with no natural lighting should be carried out similarly to food security lighting fixtures

6.1.26. For areas in which people are constantly, or intended for continuous passage of personnel, or third parties and that require security lighting or emergency lighting shall be provided by the inclusion of these types of lighting for the entire time that included working lights, or security lighting and emergency lighting shall be included automatically in case of emergency work light extinction.

6.1.28. The use of networks, power supply power-consuming equipment, for food security lighting and emergency escape lighting in industrial buildings with no natural lighting is not allowed.

6.1.29. Allowed to use hand-held lighting with rechargeable batteries or dry cell batteries for lighting safety and evacuation lighting fixtures instead of stationary (buildings or premises without a permanent stay of people, buildings, built-up area of ​​250 m2).


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