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The cost of lighting

The cost of lighting, however, as the cost of any other intellectual system of modern buildings and facilities - the important question of the organization of light space. In this light, the price of which is too low, certainly alerted the owner of the wise, and I must say, with good reason. Indeed, in practice, the initial cost is too low lighting translates into a lot of additional costs associated with the operation and maintenance of the system, the inevitable penalties, etc.

Lighting system: the price and the logic of its formation

On the one hand, do not expect too much from the contractor, and the other - not to overpay for the installation of lighting, the customer should be thought of the highlights that make up the cost of coverage. The first is:

  • The cost of design documentation
  • functional features of the lighting system
  • the price of equipment and accessories
  • degree of integration with other systems lighting
  • the cost of installing and configuring the power supply and lighting equipment
  • The cost of maintenance and operation of the lighting system

стоимость монтажа освещения

The cost of lighting design depends on a number of provisions. Thus, the price can vary up or down depending on the overall size and architectural features of the object of work (for example, in one task may be given a few design decisions, which, of course, increases the overall cost of lighting), the complexity of the project approval in the relevant government agencies, the number of "related" services (eg, basic data for the design and customer assistance in drafting the terms of reference), the need to adjust the project due to changes in the existing or new customer requirements to the system, etc.

Depending on the question of the value of the functional lighting system, the amount and types of equipment, as well as the depth of involvement of other intelligent lighting system and does not require review, because of its obviousness.

And so it is with installation and commissioning of the system: the more obstacles in the way of the cable is more difficult "relationship" with the existing hardware design concept premises, painstaking tuning svetovosproizvodyaschey equipment, etc., in order to be meaningfully budget allocated for the organization of the system lighting.

And finally, in many ways decisive for the cost of lighting is its operating costs and maintenance costs. However, in most cases, even the acquisition of hi-fi and modern equipment from well-known brands will not protect the owner of the additional costs of its content, the main thing - it's professionally executed design and careful implementation of the system.

Flylink team is ready to design and install the lighting, the price of which will surprise you, and the quality of execution will forget about the problems with the organization of light space for years to come.


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