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UPS Mounting

Installation of UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is main objective of providing a computer or any other system and equipment in power at the time when the electric grid can not do this for one reason or another. That's why, when on UPS power grids depend the results of work of large enterprises, and often a human life is only necessary to install them literate.

Uninterruptible power supplies provide three levels of protection. Basic level of protection to avoid such dangerous manifestations of electrical instability as short single pulses of high amplitude and daily fluctuations in line voltage caused by changes in the load on the different phases. The advanced level provides additional filtering of radio frequency and other electromagnetic interference as the input network and from the UPS. With this, the compatibility of electronic devices during their simultaneous operation is greatly improved. Finally, the installation of the UPS and the absolute level of protection ensures that you will be relieved of all possible faults in the mains, power output voltage is stabilized, and as a result, the service life of equipment connected to the power supply will increase significantly.

UPS Installation recommendations

Do not be surprised, but we'll start with the requirements to the room in which the installation will be placed. Uninterruptible power supply is not that very "picky", but the rooms in which they are installed must meet the following requirements:

  • The temperature should be between 20-25 degrees Celsius
  • humidity of the room should not exceed 95%
  • floors in the premises should be treated antistatic agent, or better yet - have a special coating that prevents the accumulation of electrical charge
  • Before installing the UPS is necessary to wet cleaning

Everything else, including ensuring that the premises wiring and the input requirements of a particular machine UPS UPS models - care professionals. Flylink experts will carry out your electrical competent selection and installation of the UPS with the necessary level of protection.


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