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UPS Pricings

UPS pricings- is a question that is not in the least concerned about those who are thinking about introducing the facility of their own system of guaranteed power supply. Although, of course, the lack of an uninterruptible power supply may result in a fairly large material losses, everyone wants to let the cost of the UPS was not the lowest, but, at least, logically sound, and, as they say, without consequences.

Uninterruptible power supply: the price and the principles of its formation

Thus, the cost of an uninterruptible power supply is affected by the following fundamental factors:

  • principle of the UPS
  • battery
  • prominence of the manufacturer of the UPS

According to the principle of action and, therefore, cost-ups in the direction of its increase, uninterruptible power supplies are divided into off-line (reserve), line-interactive and on-line (double conversion). In summary indicate that the first two types, characterized by the absence of its own voltage regulator and large enough (except for some advanced models of line-interactive UPS) switching time of the protected load on the batteries. That's why these types of UPS are widely use primarily for the protection of equipment, non-critical to short-term cessation of the supply voltage or with its own minimum amount of energy, allowing this equipment to successfully transfer the transfer time to battery up to 30 milliseconds.

At the same time, such as an uninterruptible power supply line operates on the principle of double-conversion power: with the rectifier and inverter's AC input voltage becomes constant and back. In this case, the protected equipment to the device to be powered by the inverter: hence, the online UPS delivers zero transfer time to load on the battery and is ideal for organizations uninterruptible power supply equipment, critical to any power grid malfunction.

As for the battery capacity, it is clear that an uninterruptible power supply, for example, for home use, which has a small capacity battery can be purchased for a much lower price than the UPS is designed to operate in an industrial plant. And, of course, the total cost of the UPS actively influenced by the availability connectivity to the UPS extra batteries, significantly extending the battery life of the equipment to be protected up to troubleshoot the main power supply.

Finally, for added reliability of your equipment volatile desirable to acquire the UPS from the proven manufacturers such as, for example, APC, Powerware, General Electric, Ippon, and others. In addition, the list of influences on pricing in the introduction of the UPS can be specified as the cost of maintenance of the UPS during operation.

So, in this context, the total price of the UPS standard design with a simple and user-friendly management interface, as a rule, is much lower than the after-sales service "exclusive" models.

Signing a contract with the Flylink company guarantees you receive UPS, the best approach to protect specific equipment and the most reasonable price and the quality of implementation of the uninterruptible power supply will allow you to forget about the problems with the centralized power supply for years to come.


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